Clean Pop Up Windows

We got our pop up camper for a steal but it needed work. Knowing we didn’t want to spend too much money, replacing the canvas was out of the question. The canvas was in pretty good shape, just dirty. I posted  how I cleaned the pop up canvas without breaking the bank.

The windows were really dirty and covered with a cloudy powdery substance and sticky stuff. They are tinted and you have to use care when cleaning them so you don’t harm the tint. Even gentle soap could leave a residue. I didn’t think we’d get them close to what they were when they were new but I was wrong.

After researching on Popup Portal and other online forums, we headed to an auto parts store for Meguiar’s PlastX Plastic Cleaner and Polish. We paid around $7.00 or so plus tax. Most of the reviews and posts about PlastX involved cleaning headlights but we were hopeful.


The instructions said to wipe it on with a clean cloth such as terry, then wipe it off. I did half of one window to see if there was a difference.

In Progress

Wow, I had to call hubby over to make sure he could see what I was seeing. This stuff was cleaning, taking away scratches and polishing our plastic pop up windows without a ton of elbow grease. It was so easy!

It took a little over and hour and a half to get all of our windows done. Some spots required a couple of applications and my arms did get tired. I can tell you honestly, we were very happy with the results.

This post is about my own experience with Meguiar’s PlastX. I was not compensated in any way for this review. I purchased the product with my own money.