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Have you ever wondered why we don’t get Schick coupons or L’Oreal coupons that other papers get?  We all know that variations exists but does anyone know why?  Our friend Carrie over at Pocket Your Dollars gives us 4 reasons our inserts may be different. 

When we have visited Jacksonville and picked up the Times Union we’ve gotten a majority of the coupons listed in my preview.  Jacksonville is larger than Savannah and has a huge downtown area which is attractive to companies wanting to market their products.  I also noticed that the Atlanta Journal Constitution has a rather large Red Plum.  I read the variations over at Jenny’s Southern Savers on Wednesday.

When you visit printable coupon sites you are asked to put in your zip code.  Have you noticed that I sometimes tell you to search another zip code?  It’s all in the market.  I try to search areas where the cost of living is really high.  I have a theory that the higher value coupons are distributed in wealthier areas.  You see, not everyone that lives in those areas has a ton of money.  People still have to buy groceries though.  Okay I’m losing my train of though on that one.

Hop over to read Carrie’s 4 reasons.  Then come back here and give me your take.  What do you think?  I will tell you that the only differences I have seen in the subscription versus newsstand copies is a missing Kroger ad, Belk’s ad and Publix.  I get 2 copies of the paper and will only buy extras if the coupons are really good.  Most of the time I ask my friends and neighbors who don’t use coupons to send me their inserts.  It’s the cheapest way to get coupons.  Don’t believe me?  What’s cheaper than free?