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Did you know we have a whole month devoted to soup?  January is National Soup Month so I will honor soup with a favorite memory.  Tomato soup is a comfort food for me. 

I remember my mother alway put a pat of butter in my tomato soup before I put crackers in the bowl.  I know it’s not healthy but I still put butter in my tomato soup.  I’m from the South and that’s what we do. 

We lived on our farm about 25 minutes from the nearest fast food joint so that wasn’t an option.  When time was limited and Mom wanted us to have a hot meal it would usually consist of some sort of soup.  At the time I would have preferred a Happy Meal but now I appreciate the healthier choice.

Why not make a pot of homemade soup this month?  If your resolution is to eat healthier here is a little idea to help you stay on course when you’re short on time.  Make a very large pot of homemade soup.  (Double recipe)  After dinner let the soup cool then spoon into paper cups to make one serving in each cup.  Then place the cups on a cookie sheet, cover with plastic wrap or foil and freeze overnight.  The next day you can remove the paper cup from around the frozen soup and place all the “soup cubes” in a freezer bag.  When you need a quick snack just pull a “soup cube” from the freezer and heat it in a bowl.

Here are some coupons to help you celebrate National Soup Month.

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