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No one said it would be easy but it looked easy on TV.  Have you seen the show about extreme couponing and wondered why your grocery bill isn’t as extreme?  Do you read about all these free items and you just can’t seem to buy what you need?  Don’t get discouraged. 

Most of the stories you will see on the Extreme Couponing show take lots of planning.  You don’t really see the time and effort put into the trips.  Becoming an extreme couponer takes time and effort and isn’t something you can do overnight.  Someone just getting started can’t go out tomorrow and expect to buy 100 boxes of frozen waffles for $1.20 total.  First, where would you put 100 boxes of frozen waffles?  I will admit that if you take the plastic baggie of waffles out of the box you can get more in your freezer.

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t find a coupon for what you need.  Coupons are cyclical and come and go.  You might have a good one now for say $1.00 off but next month you might get one for $3.00 off that same product.  There will always be another deal to come along. 

It takes time to become an extreme couponer.  The vast majority of these type of couponers have been using coupons for many years.  Be patient and it will come to you.  I do recommend that you read everything you can if you are really serious about it.  My favorite resource is WeUseCoupons.com.

WeUseCoupons.com is a great place to learn too.  Nathan, or Mr. Coupon as we like to call him, was featured in the first Extreme Couponing show.  He actually started the site.  The people are friendly and very helpful.  There are also episodes of Frugal TV that you can watch and get more information.  You can lurk around the site but I really encourage you to start posting and making friends. 

I know it looks so easy and fun going in and getting a buggy full of groceries worth $500 for $25 but really, it doesn’t happen that way.  We are not shopping out of need but rather sales and coupon match ups.  That doesn’t mean you go out and buy fourteen boxes of cereal and not get milk or toilet paper because it’s not on sale.  Don’t laugh, people have actually gone and spent their whole grocery budget without getting a single item they needed.  Please don’t let that happen to you.  Hop over to WeUseCoupons.  Go to my profile and send me a friend request!!