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If you use coupons you can get lots of inexpensive makeup and face products.  The big 3 drugstores always offer some type of deal but one of my favorite eye shadows comes from The Body Shop and it rarely comes on sale.  So imagine my dismay when I dropped it on the bathroom floor where it crumbled inside the little pot.

I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing it away then I remembered something I read somewhere about repairing broken cosmetics.  I tried it and it worked!
You’ll need rubbing alcohol and a cosmetic brush.  In my case I used an eye shadow brush.
Drop enough alcohol in the little pot to enable you to make a paste of the shadow.  Then with the brush you just smooth it all back together.  Put the cosmetic in a spot where the alcohol can evaporate and the little pot won’t get moved around or dropped.  When the alcohol evaporates you won’t have broken makeup.
Here is a picture of the shadow when I got it smoothed out but before the alcohol evaporated. 
Yes I am very happy I saved my Body Shop eye shadow but I’d have been just as happy if it were free shadow I’d gotten at one of the drugstores.  It’s all about saving money!