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Are you planning a trip to Savannah in the next year?  Here’s a deal you don’t want to miss.  You can get $50 worth of food for $25 at Paula Deen’s, The Lady & Sons.  The deal is available this weekend, until Sunday night from Savannah Daily Deals and the coupon is good until May of 2012.

This is a good deal if you are looking to come to Savannah for vacation or business and want to stop by Paula’s.  Then keep a watch on the Daily Deals site for a deal at Uncle Bubba’s, Paula’s brother’s place.

I recommend the buffet at The Lady & Sons which is around $18.00 for dinner or $14.00 for lunch and includes a salad and dessert.  Kids under 9 eat for about half that.  For a family of 2 adults and 2 children for lunch you’ll spend about $50.00 plus tax and gratuity.  Of course gratuity is not included in the coupon so be sure to reward your servers for good service.

Remember to read the restrictions on your purchase.  I have purchased several of these deals and never experienced any problems.  The site is run by the local paper.  I will also disclose that the above link is a referral link.  I’ll receive a $10.00 credit (for merchandise) for each first time purchase but at no cost to you.  If you have purchased from Daily Deals before I will not receive the credit.  If you prefer that I not get the credit you can certainly purchase directly without going through the link.  I just think this is a great deal and I wanted to share.

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Did you know that to become a tour guide here you must pass a test on the history of Savannah?  You can read the study guide at the City’s websiteHere’s a direct link.  Use this to plan your trip and what you want to see.