Watermarked Binder in trashThe title of this post could cause some people to lose their pulse.  Yes, I did destroy my coupon binder.  It was for the best.

I glanced at the stack of uncut coupons one Sunday morning and wondered if I’d ever cut another coupon.  When my father was in the hospital I left home in a rush without my coupons.  I left 2 weeks worth of inserts that needed cutting, never even thinking I would need something to do at the hospital.  When I got back home I dreaded having to take the time to cut.  I didn’t have one free minute.

In my moment of frustration I thought about just forgetting about coupons and going back to paying full price.  Oh, the horror!  What else could I do?   SHOP!  I hurriedly drove to the dollar store and found a pink file box.  I was already feeling better.

When I pulled the foot tall stack of inserts off the shelf, I knew I made the right decision.  I gathered hanging file folders from my desk and filed all my inserts according to date. Within minutes my problem was solved.  No more coupon binder for this girl.  I needed to find a better way and this was it for me.  It may not be for you.

On Sunday when I get my inserts I write the date on the front with a sharpie and file them.   I keep an inventory file in the front of the box that lists every coupon I have in every insert filed.  That was easy to do.

Each week most of the coupon bloggers post a coupon preview list.  You can print this list and cross out the coupons you didn’t get in your paper.  One of my favorite bloggers posts regional variations on Wednesdays.  I’ll print this list add it to the inventory file and just mark off the coupons as I use them.  Determining whether or not an insert still has unexpired coupons is easy too.

Watermarked Coupon Box

My file box stays in the back of the car.  I keep it there because I never want to be in a store and say, “oh, man I have a coupon for that but I left it at home.”  Before getting rid of the binder I would be tempted to spend money on something just because it was a really good deal and I had a coupon.  Now I think twice and it really has saved me money.

I only bring the box in the house if I’m putting together my shopping list.  That’s when I perform maintenance, such as clearing out expired coupons.

Coupons can save you a ton of money but it was taking me a ton of time that I just didn’t have.  Now, I’m saving time so I can save more money.