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How do you plan for the upcoming week?  Do you have a written list of things to do or an app on the phone that holds your list?  I once heard that women always make longer lists than men.  They said women will fill the space but men keep it simple.  I don’t know how I feel about that.

I need a plan, or a road map for my week.  Without it I feel like I’m forgetting something.  I’m guessing that the older I get, the worse it’ll be.  Feeling rushed and unorganized on Monday can lead to a terrible Tuesday for me.

Knowing what I need to wear all week, and having those clothes hanging together is one way I like to prepare for the week.  I had to make a habit out of duplicating my work calendar on my phone.  That was hard for me but it’s a lifesaver on Sunday night when I’m planning my wardrobe.

I plan my lunches for the week as well.  I know what I’m going to eat all week when I go shopping.  I count out everything to make sure I have what I need.  My lunch items are placed in another area of the refrigerator and the pantry.  I have my “points” written on everything that isn’t already counted out and prepacked.

Now this doesn’t happen every single week.  I need to develop better habits.  Maybe I should revisit my Flylady notes and see if I can get my good habits back on track.

It seems that I can’t get my home organized until I organize ME.  When I have my ducks in a row I think I have more motivation for the house.  We’ll see.  The next 2 weeks I’m going to test that theory.  Now, where did I put my spiral notebook?