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Kroger Free Friday Downloads

Today’s Free Friday Download from Kroger stores is Cheetos.  Don’t forget to add this coupon to your Shopper’s card by visiting the Kroger coupon website.  It’s usually the very first coupon in the lineup.

I’ll remind you on Facebook but you have to be a fan of the page.  I send out a reminder in the morning and one in the evening, just so you don’t forget.

I sure hope Kroger continues this program.  Although I mostly use paper coupons, the e-coupons are really handy.  My friend Tish taught me how to use my smart phone so I could increase my coupon productivity at Kroger.  I’m still trying to figure it all out but it’s all good.

Don’t forget your download!  Free is free.

Have you got a nice coupon story about Krogering?  I’d love to hear it.  Just leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!