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I’m overweight and trying to do something about it. My health is not dangerously affected but I don’t feel comfortable with myself at this size.

I’ve been kind of small all my life with a couple of years of being heavy in between the skinny years. I gained weight in college and then again when I broke my femur. Fast forward to turning 40 and putting down cigarettes. When I quit, I went through the roughest time in my life with my health.

I had 2 foot surgeries and my cholesterol sky-rocketed. I wasn’t eating any differently that I had in the past. I wasn’t as active either. I regret ever having surgery to replace my big toe joint. If you don’t realize how important your big toe is, let me tell you. I no longer have much balance and I am in constant pain. I’ve had to learn how to walk differently and my toes….well, I won’t go there.

What am I doing about all of this? I’ve started journaling a bit.  I think I need to hold myself accountable and this is my way of doing that. I am blogging about my journey losing weight and winning better health.

I have my Fitbit Zip  and I LOVE IT!!!  I’m also using My Fitness Pal to track my food. I’ve made some progress but it’s only been a month.  I won’t go into details because this is the place where I talk about couponing and saving money.

You can read about my journey if you like. I’m not ashamed. I know there are people out there just like me, who feel like they’ve tried everything and the scale just doesn’t seem to move. Don’t give up. Keep going.

Visit my journey page:   Winning and Losing