Being a coupon user, I didn’t want to spend too much money remodeling our pop up camper. We got a great deal but the camper needed a lot of work. The first step was to clean it up. The canvas was in great shape but it sure was dirty.

Filthy Canvas

Filthy Canvas

After some research on a few boards, I found something that worked great and didn’t cost a ton of money.

I made trip to Family Dollar.

Mean-Green-Super-Strength-bottle  Woolite 1

This combination worked wonders!  I also purchased a soft scrub brush and a couple of sponges. Here’s a couple of coupons for both products.

Mean Green Super Strength – HERE

Woolite – HERE - This is a Facebook coupon.

I filled my mop bucket with warm water and added the manufacturer’s recommended amount of Woolite to the water.  It was time for the work to begin.

Spray the canvas with Mean Green and lightly scrub the canvas. You don’t want to tear the threads so try to scrub in one direction, either up and down or side to side. You don’t need to scrub hard.

Once you’ve scrubbed and the dirt disappears, dip your sponge in the warm water and Woolite combination and wring it out. Wipe down the area you scrubbed. You might need to wipe it a couple of times.

Clean canvas

Clean canvas

A word of warning! You’ll need to retreat with waterproofing once your canvas dries. Pick a sunny weekend and it shouldn’t take too long to dry. Once it’s dry, you’re camper will smell so clean.

Pop Up Canvas